Access the 13Network website here

The 13Network is a site where a debtor, creditor or attorney may view case history.

If you are a debtor, you do not need to request access. Access is provided using your 7 digit numeric case number (no dashes, letters or spaces) as your user-id and the last 4 digits of your SSN as your password.

If you are a creditor or attorney, do not have an account and need access, you must click on "Request a Login". Please remember to use all CAPS for both user-id and password when you submit your request. You must completely fill out the request for access to be granted.

Data is only available for tracking or collection by those with a documented, fiduciary interest in an active bankruptcy case (parties-in-interest). The data is NOT available to mortgage brokers and other marketers with use strictly regulated by the Federal Trade Commission and the Department of Justice.

If you need access and are not currently named as a party of interest, you will need to file a notice of appearance with the court.

Once access is granted you must agree to the terms and conditions set fourth on the 13Network login page. You must click "Yes, I agree with the above information" to proceed.